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I was born and raised in Jakarta. Since my childhood I liked to paint but only after the year of 1973, I studied art formally by entering the Indonesian Art School (Sekolah Seni Rupa Indonesia) in Jogyakarta, majoring in fine arts. In 1977 I continued my art education at the Jakarta Art Academy (LPKJ) now the Jakarta Art Institute or IKJ

Through assisting by senior artists such as Kusnadi, Danarto and Nashar particularly, I intensified my exploration of aesthetic problems and produced a solo exhibition titled „Waktu“ (Time) in the Art Academy’s gallery. „Waktu“ presented my answers to the much talked about issues of the creator, the creative process and creation itself. My observations of “time” as a phenomena resulted in an increased emphasis on the creative process, as opposed to the product and led me to detach myself from the demand for an end result of the dynamic process.  By emphasizing the dynamics, the product looses its significance therefore the product might as well be destroyed. So I repainted all the displayed work at the end of the “Waktu” exhibition.

My exploration of the visual rhythm continued in the following exhibitions, which took place in various venues in Jakarta until 1986.

In one of my drawing exhibition at the Goethe Institute, Jakarta (1980), I presented an attempt to highlight rhythm through lines by neglecting colour. My concern regarding the visual element of rhythm was intensified by finding my own rhythm in every day life, which I visualized on canvas through vertical and horizontal lines. All through the early eighties I focused on producing art works reflecting my exploration of rhythm in black and white.

In 1987, I moved to Europe and have lived in Switzerland ever since.

The change of environment and circumstances has influenced my work substantially. In my first exhibition at Puls Art Winterthur in 1990, rhythm was still was explored through black and white colours. My encounters with the industrial world actually deepened my obsession with rhythm, which is reflected in my later exhibitions

hot chair 2016
Print on photopaper 100 x 100 cm
3 ed. 2 ap.

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