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I see a tendency of creating things these days is greatly changed following the trend that occurred, the trends which bring forth to the new needs in our lives.

that we know turns out is not just a “narcissistic” sign, but with the social networking platform suddenly we’ve been aware of the need to communicate and express ourselves out.

Suddenly like there were a newborn tradition of “sharing”.

It is felt by the splendor activities of writing or statement in “status”, either through Facebook, Twitter, or else.

The needs for “sharing” is not only limited for important themes or heavy issues, not just a statement of opinion that either social or political criticism, a statement of admiration for certain things or mockery.

But many status are simply read:
“Happy Sunday, today I am with a cup of coffee and a piece of fried cookies ...
No recipient, it’s only a Sunday status fired into the air to the rest of the world for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

wind on the prairie, 2017
(on progress)
Acrylic on canvas, 200 x 100 cm

ito joyoatmojo Switzerland +41 76 452 4546 Indonesia +62 815 1400 1825